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  1. Get in touch regularly with friends you discovered in UKM or UKM Buddhist Fellowship.

  2. Find out what’s happening in and around the Buddhist circles via news, bulletin, announcements and events posted by individual members themselves.

  3. Discover the new “baby”, the new “husband and wife”, and all the latest development of “new families”.

  4. Seek help when you need it, i.e. request for blood donation etc.

  5. Need a job? Change of environment? Need to find someplace to practice Right Livelihood? Great place for career development exchange!

  6. For those just graduated, this is THE place to seek out the best place to look for rooms, houses, the right tenant and the best rates!

  7. Want to locate materials to prepare your Dhamma studies? Or Dhamma talk? It’s all here with great links and online information updated by individual members.

  8. Find out how those in need are assisted by UKMBA. Make a difference to somebody’s life through the UKMBA Trust Fund.

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  10. And the best reason….
    You know you have friends to depend on for the rest of the journey in your life long path.

Please also see: UKMBA-List – Ethics and Guidelines