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Buddhist Links For Regular People

It has been proven that key spiritual tenets and doctrines are very effectively picked up by participants in such small group study settings. As such, to ensure the availability of a quality pool of “learned” Buddhists, the structure and approach of DSGs need to be better organised.

The Teachings of Buddha
ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM is created on Feb’2000, for your better reference and guidance of Buddhism. You are entirely responsible on what you are of today, create good Karma for a better destiny. Learn about the Teachings & cultivate a purify mind. “Abandon negative action; create perfection virtue; subdue your own mind. This is the teaching of the Buddha” 

Fun Palitrans
An easy to use, multiple selection pull down menu giving simultaenous translation from Pali to English and vice versa. Good and fun way to learn Pali for beginners.

Buddhist Reading Room

Compilation of Buddhist reading materials. Includes lessons by Jack Kornfield and Ven. Ajahn Chah. Lessons, essays, and Sutras to read online including Satipatthana, Anapanasati, Culasunnata, and Metta Sutras as well as The Dhammapada.

The Gospel of Buddha
The life and teaching of Buddha compiled from ancient records by Paul Carus, 1894

Buddhism For The Lay Practitioner

A site designed to help lay people study Buddhism.

Jataka Tales

The Jataka contains 554 stories of the Buddha’s previous lives. This link collects some of the most popular selections for easy reading