Getting to know

UKMBA – Newly registered Buddhist Association in Klang Valley

In 1990, a group of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia�s (UKM) graduates and under graduates met in Kajang to discuss on a proposal to establish a mechanism to support Buddhist graduates in their study and practice of the Buddha-Dhamma. The result was the establishment of the UKM Buddhist Alumni (UKMBA) on January 21st, 1990.

The initial role of the UKMBA was to provide spiritual support, information and contacts for the UKM Buddhist graduates to enable the graduates to participate in  Dhamma activities at home, local temples and other Buddhist centres.

The UKMBA also maintained a close relationship with the undergraduates UKM Buddhist Fellowship (UKMBF). The UKMBA provides Dhamma speakers and organisational support to the UKMBF, financial support for the needy students and organises career workshop for the graduating students.

All these years, the UKMBA operated in an informal way with meetings and get-together being held in various places. On  28thAugust 2000, this group was officially registered as the Upakara Kalyana Mitta Buddhist Association, hence maintaining the initial UKMBA, which is  widely identified with the UKM Buddhist graduates and well accepted by the Buddhist community.

Motto Study, Practise, Realise and Share

The UKMBA objectives are:

  • To study, practise and propagate the Teachings of the Buddha
  • To cultivate the Buddhist values through social spiritual engagement
  • To perform charitable acts for the needy and
  • To do research and publish Buddhist literature.

Target Groups
Based on the spirit of the UKMBA formation, the association  shall be providing support and services to the following:

  • UKM Buddhist graduates and their family
  • UKM Buddhist Fellowship and its members
  • Buddhist community at large
Areas of Focus The UKMBA will be focusing on some key areas based on the Association�s  capacity and  prevalent needs of the target groups :

  • Spiritual Support and Personal Development
  • Leadership Training and Organisational Support
  • Education and Community Development
Membership UKMBA membership is open to all Malaysian citizen age 21 and above who subscribe to its belief and objectives. Three types of membership are available in UKMBA which are :

  • Ordinary members
  • Associate members, and
  • Life memberships.
Enquiries For more information, please contact Sis Ho Yin Ching at email For latest information, visit the official UKMBA website at